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My version of the compact, launched Zamperla Moto Coaster. Just a small little project I made in two days.

If you're thinking: ''I didn't know they had the Zamperla trains in Nolimits 2'', then you are correct, they don't, but If you use the Vekoma trains and set those tracks to invisible and then copy the track, but make it a ''Classic Steel Looping Coaster (Modern)'', and the set the amount of trains on that ride to 0 you can cheat a little bit. More info here:

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Mar 24th, 2017
great bike coaster
Dec 17th, 2016
Overall it was a great experience. I can't give info as a track builder since I am not one, but as a rider, it as a fun ride. Keep up the good work.
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True Addicts
True Addicts
Dec 5th, 2016
Solid effort here, especially since it's harder to make this exciting than an actual Vekoma motorbike. You also had the balls to use a parking lot environment and no trees.

My main beef with this ride is incredibly nitpicky. It's not a rectangle. You could have been a bit more creative and moved the angles around a bit with the station and brakes (main brake could have been a wee bit higher) to smoosh it a bit more into a rectangle and make it more of a "catalog" or portable ride.

Supports were pretty good and stayed true to Zamperla's "we saved 10 dollars worth of steel with this unneeded labyrinth that isn't dodging anything" style. The trackwork was spot on as well and I noticed you included the meandering S-curves they like to use. The turn proximal to the station that uses the brake supports as lateral bracing is pretty clever, I'll have to remember that.

Your layout seems less complex than the standard Zamperla layout despite it being much more intricate, and that's because sometimes you don't let the supports "finish up". What I mean is that sometimes you have diagonals that I feel should terminate into the ground and instead terminate into a random vertical pole. I didn't take off any points for that since I don't know the math to actually grasp the concept fully but sometimes it just looks wrong, and I do have experience guessing with supports pretty well.

Trackwork was very good and stayed true to Zamperla styling(probably was too forgiving by their standards but I'll let it slide). More importantly I instantly knew what you were going for and aside from a couple characteristic S-turns you managed to make something different that captures the style well. Good job overall on this.
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By Timmmvs
Uploaded Dec 4th, 2016
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Vekoma Motobike
Category Realistic
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