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revision 2 is a bad file. Revision3 i got packaged properly and should work. I learned a lot since my first edition. I hope you like it.
Jan 13th, 2017
Based on Revision 1, which is a significant improvement over the original design.

Trackwork: The general layout is correct, but the shaping of some elements is off. The station is way too high, as the track should be at ground level in the tunnel before the lift. The ride footprint looks a bit short, causing elements to be steeper than they would be in real life and some turn entrances and exits to be shortened. The crests on most hills are fine, but the pullouts feel compressed and excessively forceful. The final turn and brake area needs work, as it should be a constant radius turn followed by a straight section leading to the station (in real life, this is a transfer track, but I'm not taking off points for leaving out the transfer).

Pacing: Comparing this to a POV video, the pacing seems pretty accurate to the real ride. The biggest issues are sections that are lower/higher than they really would be due to the elevated station, but most of the ride is fairly accurate.

Detail: The coloring of your coaster is off compared to the real ride, both the track and the trains. The real ride uses no drive tires as the station incline is sufficient for a rolling start, and also has a longer brake section at the end. Phoenix operates with two trains while your version only operates with one. I did not take off points for the structures you were unable to build, but did remove points for there being no attempt at any kind of pathway between the entrance and exit. See trackwork for additional comments.

Scenery: The ride is surrounded by trees like the real attraction. While somewhat haphazard, this gives a feel similar to what would be found at Knoebels.

Difficulty: Phoenix is a double out and back with few fancy elements, so I wouldn't consider it a particularly difficult coaster to recreate.

Overall, a decent effort for your first coaster, but there is definitely room for improvement. Pay close attention to element shaping and smaller details of the ride, such as appearance, operation, and relative placement of elements.
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Jan 7th, 2017
Trackwork Accuracy: Im only going to give a 3 for the layout accuracy, (EDIT ADDING 1.75 POINTS) a 2 for effort in shaping
The crest of the lift hill was Way to sharp making too much airtime. The 2 hills after the first turn around were too sharp and very badly shaped. Again, too much airtime for buzz bars. You were going too fast around the corners of the turn around and the shaping of the half circles were very off, too much laterals. The double up was very oddly shaped as it had this weird straight section, almost didnt even look like a double up. Double down looked fine but a little sharp. The turn around after that was too intense with laterals and those last humps were too sharp and little, hit the red g's and could eject small riders that arent holding on.

Pacing Accuracy: Everything seemed fine but the turn arounds. Too fast, caused alot of unecessary laterals, ect.

Attention to detail: As i said, the layout was perfect. but the element shaping and all that was really off. I am giving you a 5 for the layout. Should work on your lift hill though, it wasn't straight and the drop was very steep.

Scenery accuracy: Next time, atleast try to shape up on that cenery. Knoebels is surrounded by trees and hills. Try to add that around Pheonix to make it look better

Degree of Difficulty: This ride isnt hard at all to recreate, And you couldve done better. Good job on the layout accuracy and height, ect.

Please upload more, as i'd love to see you improve! PM Me about the rating if you think i've done something wrong.

EDIT: Raising some points, as its not that bad to be rated as a 2.83. Shouldve been a bit higher and i was harsh on the points.
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By GDGeezer
Uploaded Jan 7th, 2017
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Woodie Classic 4 Seat
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