Garden Groves Amusement Park
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Hello CoasterCrazy Community this is my newest NoLimits 2 park which has a large launched Vekoma Mack Coaster called The Hedge which creates the border of Garden Groves Amusement Park. Also within the park is a new Arrow Coaster with Triple Corkscrew named Garden Snake (not a remake of classic Arrow). Lastly the park has a variety of flat rides for all ages, concessions, and bathrooms to keep guests comfortable.

Please leave a review with any feedback you might have on my park, I will upload revisions in the future. Please enjoy and thank you for your time.
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Oct 8th, 2017
This was a nicely put together park, I thought you filled it out well with lots of interesting stuff - it certainly felt full! I felt there could have been a bit more coherance to the layout however as the flat rides just felt lined up at the side of the walkway.

Your coaster could've done with some work too.

The hedge felt a little bit repeptative, I felt you could've done something more with some of the turns to keep it interesting. Also the repetative 4g to -1.6 transitions would've been far too intense in real life.

Green snake was a much cooler ride - I think it just needed some polish. For instance you can make a straight lift hill by using strict nodes, and some of the transitions needed to bank earlier to eliminate the laterals.

Feel free to pm me about your rate [:
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Sep 16th, 2017
great park i see you have spent some time on it

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Awarded on Oct 8th, 2017

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By andrewothmer
Uploaded Sep 11th, 2017
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Mack Launch
Category Park
Downloads 79 Who Downloaded This Track
Ratings 1
Likes 2
Additional Stats
Track Length 4803 feet
Max Height 270 feet
No. of Inversions 0
Top Speed Reached 77 mph