Air Sports
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With Air Sports, German Theme Constructions will release a very innovative roller coaster. It is a B&M Flying Coaster with an intense launch start.
On nearly 1400 m of track length the coaster passes some head shopper effects and special coaster elements.
The maximal hight of 56 m and a top speed of 128 km/h are scaring the ride guests.
Also special for the coaster is the ornate scenery, which represent a sportairport. The Scenery includes a walkable tower, some sportplanes, flying equipment and many more.

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Sep 18th, 2017
What an amazing flying coaster. I saw it on your insta, and I'm not disappointed with the result. This is a great ride. Short but forceful. It felt realistic, I could see it in real life. The queue was very long. Maybe you could add some theming there, it felt plain. The control tower and the station however were full of details, which is great.

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Awarded on Oct 8th, 2017

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By ThemeConstructions
Uploaded Sep 16th, 2017
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Twisted Flying
Category Realistic
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airport, bandm, bolligerandmabillard, plane, tower