Rebel (NLT 2017 Round 1 Winner)
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I was originally planning a complete rebuild but I simply don't have the time or the motivation. This is a touched up; optimized version of the ride which placed 1st in first round of the 2017 NLT.

Welcome to Rebel: A ride which has gone through several iterations and is finally ready for release as my entry for Round 1 of the 2017 NLT.

My design philosophy is to start with central elements and build around them; and Rebel is no exception. The centerpiece for this ride is the station; It is held up by an archway bridge over 5 seperate pieces of track; and underneath 2 vertical loops, an inclined loop, and a transition.

This is my first attempt at 3d terrain. Usually I randomly generate terrain and build around it so this was very different for me. I wanted to create scenery that interacted with the ride and supports in interesting ways; so I took inspiration from Expedition Everest and various natural rock formations in the Midwest. The ride features a rock arch which supports the first loop; a waterfall cascading down from the peak under the first drop; and several tight valleys for the many high-speed curved sections of track.

The mineshaft is made entirely out of Picnic Roofs and cubes of dirt; with 34 picnic roofs in total it greatly exceeds the quantity needed for the 2nd curveball.

Anyways; have fun!

- Sam (slosprint)
Jun 17th, 2018
thanks for sharing this track. I like the speed... and tight turns.

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May 15th, 2018
Amazingly beliveable and it flows trough the track smoothly. Liked the parts when the velocity decaresses on the highest elements (That hangtime!) though it is maybe a little bit to much on the realistic side. But that's why we play No limits. ¡Amazing work!
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By slosprint
Uploaded May 13th, 2018
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Vekoma Minetrain
Category Realistic
Downloads 116 Who Downloaded This Track
Ratings 1
Likes 2
Additional Stats
Track Length 2635 feet
Max Height 116 feet
No. of Inversions 3
Top Speed Reached 51 mph
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