Biollante - Mack Multi Launch
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Themed to the kaiju Biollante, this coaster meshes the best pieces of Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City and Helix at Liseberg. I spent 49 hours on this in total, and I'm quite proud of this creation.
-Drop out of station
-3 Inversions
-2 Launches
-Plenty of Ejector airtime

Der LK 7531
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Oct 9th, 2018
Hello there!
First of all, I really like the concept leading to this ride! Though there were a lot of scenery objects that could not be
loaded successfully so I had to review the ride on a plane, hilly area so you sadly lost a lot of points bcs. of that technical issue.
If you plan on reuploading a fixed version let me know about it; I will take another look into it and change some numbers.

Firstly your ride's shaping was pretty nice and didn't do anything too out of place (1.5/1.5). The trackwork was pretty smooth throughout the ride and the flow was good for most of the time; though there were one or two spots where the ride seemed to crawl over the track: directly on the inicial dive loop, secondly on the s-bend leading toward the 1st launch,
here and there a little, but nothing to major here (0.75/1). My largest concern within the technical category are the unhealthy forces: There were quite a few spots where negative G-forces went well over -1.7g, sometimes even reach -2g in the last row. I suggest using one car less, as this would diminish force spikes in the first and the last car (0.75/1.5). Your ride also didn't pass the E-Stop test, as it valleys after a re-launch, when an e-stop is activated before the 1st launch, also your ride's clearance hit its supports in a few spots (0/3).
Your supports looked to be mostly prefabs, therefore flanges placement didn't look to well elaborated, plus there were some spots where supports seemed way to thin and too widely spaced to support the structure safely, but for the most part the supports were sufficient. Your ride also lacked a storage/maintance track (1/2). Total: 5/10

Adrenaline: Your ride had a superb variety of elements and the layout was a ton of fun; I never felt any repetition - awesome job here! (3/3) Therefore your ride also was enjoyable to ride and would definitely ask for some re-rides if it was built irl. The issue that hurt your score the most here were the lacking scenery (technical issue), the forces that were way to high in some spots as well as the partial slow pace (3/6). Total: 7/10

Uniqueness: Although you didn't reinvent the wheel with your ride, it had a fresh touch to it as it combined its two real life counterparts pretty well. You also did a good job on the surrounding area, although sadly I couldn't enjoy most of it as it could not be loaded. I'd redo this point if you upload an update :) (2/4). Of course, a ride that is heavily inspired by existing ones, should look like them, I didn't deduce much points to hurt your score too much here. I would have liked to see some more individual color scheme, as the current one makes the ride less stand out, especially already having Helix in mind. Still, the ride definitely managed to keep its own spirit (2.5/4). Lastly, your strongest point for this category:
I really loved your idea to combine two awesome rides by Mack, with a little tweaking here and there your ride will be all the way up for sure! (2,5/2,5)
Total: 7.5/10

Realism: You used the proper track style for the idea of merging Helix and Time Travller (obcviously), though the lacking support work hurt your score a little (1.5/2.5). As explained in the technical part, the forces were out of controll in a few spots and therefore not too realistic (1/2.5). Height and speed were good for the most part, though, as mentioned before, the pacing was a little slow partially (1.25/2.5). Also, can't tell much about your scenery usage due to the technical issues other than the little pathway leading to the station, which was nice, although I would have liked to see some kind of queue (0.75/1.5) Total: 4.75/10

Rider Value: I overall really liked the concept of the ride as well as most parts of its execution; the points you lost here were due to the dangerous forces, the too close supports in some spots and the poor pacing in parts. (3.5/5) Unfortunately, you lost a lot of point due to the technical problem with the non-loading scenery, although I liked the parts I could still see. I will change this point in case of an update (1.5/4) Total: 5.5/10

Lastly, I have to say that I really liked your concept as well as its execution (excluding the flaws mentioned). It could definitely pack a punch if fixed here and there. Overall I enjoyed it a lot and hope you can pick up a few things in this review. Looking forward to see more from you! :D
Feel free to PM me about this rating if you have something to ask ;)

PS: I based my rating on the spreadsheet I posted some time ago ot keep the rating as objective as possible.
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Awarded on Nov 11th, 2018

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By AmericanCoasterGirl
Uploaded Oct 6th, 2018
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Mack Launch
Category Realistic
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