Shredder - The Ride
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Shredder is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter themed to an abandoned dump. The layout was created last year by NoLimits2Coasters. He had some issues with the trackwork and scripts however. That's when we made the decision to continue this project as a collaboration between me and NoLimits2Coasters. The final result can be seen here in a visitor's point of view. It isn't the best coaster ever made, nor is the theming very good but we had a lot of fun creating it and I think that is the most important.

-- Theme --
Shredder is themed around an abandoned car dump. Some cars are still on site, rusting away. Some company then decided to give tours on the abandoned site. You will be led through some of the buildings with as highlight a climb in the 60 m high tower. You decide to visit the dump and take one of these tours. What you don't know is that this tour will be one that you will not forget soon...

-- Stats --
Height: 54 m
Length: 1000 m
Speed: 112 km/h
Inversions: 4

-- Special features --
The ride itself has some special features, watch the video to find out... You are also able to spot the cars from Expedition Escape, which was my entry to RoundUp 250. Last but not least, three defunct coasters are present, all located under the massive immelmann. You might recognise two of the coasters...

-- Custom sets used --
Bestdani's Instant Animations
Bestdani's Triggered Lights
3CreativeD Light Effects Set
Emonadeo's Custom Sounds
Musickid43's Script Generator
Road Rage font by Youssef Habchi
The Daleknator
Oct 17th, 2023
Awesome Roller Coaster Track.
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Track Detail
By RCT3andNL2stuff
Uploaded Jul 30th, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter 2
Category Fantasy
Downloads 67 Who Downloaded This Track
Ratings 1
Likes 0
Additional Stats
Track Length 3270 feet
Max Height 177 feet
No. of Inversions 4
Top Speed Reached 70 mph
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