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Here's my Desertworld park was based on Dream Fiction Wiki page about it. Although it's still work in progress, but enjoy!

Desertworld, formerly known as Golden Lasso Theme Park, was a wild west-themed amusement park in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that opened in 1977. Developed by New Mexico film company, Golden Nugget Studios. When the film company went bankrupt in 1983, Memphis Entertainment Company purchased the park; the name was changed to Desertworld in 1984. When the company going bankrupt in early 1996, the park would never reopen for the 1996 season.


In 1975, Golden Nugget Studios began to have plans to build the amusement park that was themed to Wild West.

The park was going to be located in New Mexico; they liked the idea.

In late 1976, they began construction of a new amusement park. But during construction of the new park, they were having financial troubles, and they needed more money so they could continue building, advertising, and then adding promos at the end of the company's movie trailers.

In early 1977, they finally finished construction of the park. And it was set to open the park in the summer of that year.

When it opened in summer 1977, Golden Lasso Theme Park featured roller coasters

Golden Lasso Loop, which was later renamed to New Mexico Screamin',
Gold Rush, an Schiff Wild Mouse that formerly operated at West Point Park as Wild Mouse which operated until 1989 and,
Viper, an William Cobb wooden coaster has a same layout as Rocky Glen's Million Dollar Coaster.
The park's other attractions on opening day were:

Golden Wheels, an Intamin Giant Triple Wheel ride which was later renamed to Desert Wheel,
Paratrooper, an Hrubetz Lifting Paratrooper,
Flying Bobs, an Matterhorn flat ride,
Monster, an Eyerly Aircraft Company flat ride,
Lasso Twister, an Scrambler flat ride and,
Golden Flume, an Arrow Log Flume ride.

In 1984, a year after Golden Nugget Studios went bankrupt, Memphis Entertainment Company purchased the park and renamed to Desertworld.

In 1985, Coal Mine Drop and Desert Bobsled were both opened.

In 1990, Turbulence opened.

In 1992, Wowser Land was opened along with Beatrice’s House, Wowser’s House, and Linda Lovely’s House.

In 1993, Thundereagle opened.

On September 4, 1995, the park closed for the season. It would be the last day of the park's operation ever.

In 1996, due to M.E. Company going out of business, it was announced that the park would not reopen for that season and would be permanently closed, with a slated demolition date of Summer 1996.

Despite attempts to save the park by fans adding the Save Desertworld website, and even holding a Save Desertworld rally.

However, those plans never worked out, so the park began to be demolished in August of 1996. By 1997, most of the park, with the exception of Viper, had been demolished (Viper would be demolished in February of 2001).

The park is now occupied by a housing development. Most of the rides were relocated to Carwardine Parks and Premier Parks (now Six Flags) properties, except for three rides - Galaxi, Desert Wheel and Rotor, which were all demolished in late 1996.

Coaster: New Mexico Screamin' (1977)
New Mexico Screamin' (formerly known as Golden Lasso Loop 1977 -1983) was an Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop coaster with weight drop launch system. In 1984 season, they added tunnel on the launch section of the coaster and then repainted to white.

Coaster: Thundereagle (1993)
Thundereagle was an B&M Inverted Coaster with Batman layout. It only operated for 2 years until it closed in 1995. It was moved Saltair-World unter the new name, "Mindbender".

Coaster: Viper (1977)
Viper was an William Bill Cobb wooden coaster that was near exact clone of Rocky Glen's Million Dollar Coaster.

Coaster: Galaxi (1980)
Galaxi was an S. D. C. Galaxi coaster that formerly operated at Queen Park as Cyclone.

Coaster: Turbulence (1990)
Turbulence was an Vekoma Swinging Turns coaster that was sponsored by Delta.

Coaster: Thunderbird Jr. (1994)
Thunderbird Jr. was an E&F Miler Family Oval Coaster that only operated for two years. Also, this was a last coaster to added to the park.

Coaster: Desert Bobsled (1985)
Desert Bobsled was a Intamin Custom Layout Bobsled coaster.
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