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Steel Phantom (need help with finishing)

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An update,

I did find the file. However, it was heavily modified when I first found it. It was under the name of Steal Venom. This was the Steel Phantom beginning, but the second half was heavily modified, even the first loop height was altered.

I have been busy repairing the terrain.

Steel Phantom editing.png

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Although terrain is almost completed and needs a few minor tweaks, The track completion has to be done. Please follow the video in the first post that I did with this topic. It is a must that you follow the layout like the one in the video. Once done, please send it to me through PM so I can check to make sure it is ok. If it passes, I will make the track available on this site.

This can also apply for sending the track through DM on discord ( mcculloughaerick )

If anyone wants to help out with this project, here is the file.

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