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Welcome to Cub3d, the coaster I designed on dru... I mean Anesthesia after getting my teeth pulled. It is the world's most disorienting coaster that never crosses 16 MPH. The cars are meant to be the 1 person cars, as the four person ones would never be able to navigate the track IRL. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Height: 49 ft
Speed: 16 MPH
Length: 561 feet

Enjoy and Plz Rate/Comment
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Premium Member
Premium Member
Aug 12th, 2010
Lol, thanks! I Might try making a second version of it, where I am slightly more competent during the design process...
Apr 12th, 2019
THIS IS AWESOME whit some tweaks this vould become a wildly popular flatride!!
Jonny Richey
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Aug 12th, 2010
It would be really cool in a dark room with only the cube lit up.
Iron Man
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Aug 12th, 2010
Wow, I actually lol'd.

It would be kind of neat to see this presented in a more realistic way. Not too sure how you would do it in No Limits 'realisticly', but you have a solid foundation here for a very interesting ride.
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Aug 11th, 2010
I love it! Though a suggestion from me, after watching it (for admittedly much too long) in the simulator- Paint the trains black and/or red, and use something like this: ... sion_id=11 instead of the cube.
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By slosprint
Uploaded Aug 11th, 2010
Simulation NoLimits Coaster
Track Style NL - Modern Steel Looping Coaster
Category Fantasy
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