Firefall - RMC Loop (RU150) [UNoptimized]
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Firefall is a fantasy Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) wooden coaster based in the fictional Santos National Park located just outside of Stanford, Montana.
After going through 2 previous versions and a month and a half of hard work, I present to you: Firefall!
Firefall was entirely custom supported in NL2 by me and took inspiration from Wildfire at Kolmarden, Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City, and Lightning Rod at Dollywood, with my own twist of course. The structure and transition from wood to steel on the loop structure is designed to eliminate the problems associated with Son of Beast's loop by smoothing the transition from wood to steel using a sequentially less malleable structure in the area just before the loop begins.
The theming and general feel of the ride was inspired by the popular game Firewatch, and the name of the area from the developer: Campo Santo. Firewatch:
So sit back, and enjoy Firefall!
Max Height: 151 ft
Max Speed: 62.3 mph
Length of Track: 3188 ft
Duration: 54 seconds
Santos National Park was founded in 1974, and is famous for it's brightly colored leaves during the fall season. A rich history keeps visitors entertained during their visit, such as the Legend of Camp Santos. The legend says that a small camp once existed inside the park back in the pioneer years, founded by one of the ambitions westward travelers looking for gold in Montana named Joseph Santos. After 4 years of exhausting searching and finding nothing, he found not gold, but a rich vein of coal in the mountains of the park. However, before he could make a trip back into town the following day to share the news, a massive lightning bolt struck the roof of his house and burned it to the ground, setting the nearby trees ablaze as well and igniting a huge wildfire that wept the area for the next 3 days. One could say that "a ball of fire fell from the sky". Unfortunately, Joseph met his end in the fires and never got to share the location of the coal. The camp itself burned to the ground and has never been found, but it is said to rest at the bottom of the lake, destined never to be disturbed. Sometimes nearby cottages report seeing a blazing fire coming from inside the park in the late hours of the night but the area has not seen another wildfire since that day.
Firefall itself was constructed just 2 years before the park was declared a National Park in 1974 by an ambitious investor hoping to make some cash from tourists who were visiting the area. However, after not making quite enough cash to keep it in service, It was shut down just a year later. RMC began refurbishing the ride again in 2010, adding 3 inversions including a vertical loop and the ride reopened in 2011. It is currently operated by the National Park Service yearly from April to mid November.
Rails and Trains: TheCodeMaster
Environment: Womp83 & TheCodeMaster with some tweaking by me
Foliage: Mike Sheets with some texture changes by me
Rocks: TheCodeMaster
Station and firetower textures are taken from
Jan 21st, 2017
Excellent job! This is now one of my favorite RMCs out there. Love how fast it goes and how real it looks. Hope you continue to build amazing coasters like this one!
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Dec 31st, 2016
Great RMC speeder
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By Intim305
Uploaded Dec 25th, 2016
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Woodie Trailered 4 Seat
Category Realistic
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Additional Stats
Track Length 3188 feet
Max Height 151 feet
No. of Inversions 3
Top Speed Reached 62 mph
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