Three Evils: Neverender
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Three Evils: Neverender is a triple Dueling Mega Coaster inspired by and built as a tribute to the prog-rock Band Coheed and Cambria. It ranked 7th place in the NoLimits Roundup 150.

Some Stats:
Overall length: 5974 Meters / 3.711 miles
Height difference: 69.2 Meters / 228 feet
Drop Height: 61 Meters / 200 feet
Maximum Speed: 122 kmh / 76 mph

5555+ pph using 9 Trains with 36 seats each


More than TEN years ago, I started this project, an enormous triple dueling coaster.

It's named after and heavily inspired by the alternative prog rock band Coheed and Cambria which I love since I first heard their music and in particular by their songs Three Evils and Neverender.

It first started with layout drawings in math class back at school which I then built by hand using NoLimits 1. Later I attempted to rebuild it using Elementary but finally completely recreated it using Newton 2, already a few years after the first idea. After sitting there for a few years, touched only for semi-motivated attempts at supporting this 6km/3,8 miles beast, I revived it in NL2 and made Round Up #150 a good reason to finally finish it.

Maybe it also helped that after 2 albums with a different lineup that I personally mostly didn't love as much as their other ones, the band managed get back together and return to old glory (in a new way) a while before NL2 came out.

Their second album "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" is definitely one of my all time top 3 albums. Almost all of the music used in this video is taken from it or their third album. Even though I love the new stuff, I wanted to keep this ride about the old stuff, since that's what I had in mind and would listen to for hours while building this. I didn't use much from the first album because of the big production difference. Of course the single coaster tracks The Crowing, The Suffering; and The Reaping; are also named after songs.

That's enough history lesson for now, I hope you enjoy the video. I would love to know which track was your favorite, so please leave a comment or subscribe :)

Oh, and also check AlphaOmega if you like dueling coasters ;)

- - -

to bestdani for massively helping me with my scripting vocabulary. This would not have been possible without you :)

Also many many thanks to baadrix for his opinions and advice in the course of the last year!

And as always, thanks to nSeven for his wonderful foliage.
Jan 21st, 2017
Great coaster. A lot of fun to ride using my rift.

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Jan 15th, 2017
Very nice design. The concept is marvelous. The triple spiral first drop is inspired. The uniqueness of the three tracks and yet with the periodic interaction between the trains is remarkably well done. To be able to send three different tracks through non-parallel journeys and have them end in near sync is a credit to the hard work that went into this track. This one just went to the top on my favorite steel coasters.
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Jan 15th, 2017
Ok, Where do i start off on this. This coaster is straight up PHENOMENAL.
A triple racing hyper? JEEZE!

Technique: Flat out 10. Started out 10 years ago??? Wow. Holy cow, The scenery. The objects and the theme is world class for a coaster. I love how its a triple racing HYPER. The spiral drop on this... GLORIOUS. I did feel like there should be more airtime and less banks, but everything else makes up for it. Excellent elements, So thrilling.

Adrenaline: It was just crazy. I would feel so amazed to ride this in real life. THe spiral drop would make me speechless;breathless. I loved the part especially when all the 3 trains crossed over in airtime. The ride time felt ok, a tinyyyy bit short for how it looked. but what If this was a mobious loop... LOL!! I think my favorite side was the suffering. Looked to had more airtime.This ride plays the theme and terrain so well. I love the brake run. Its very good.

Originality: 10. 10. 10!!!!!!!!!!! I scream 10! I cant explain how good this is. The way you made it a triple race. (oh crap this would be expensive in real life) I thought the color scheme was OK, But the theme makes it better in a whole new level. I love all the unique triple pass by elements, really adds to the ride greatly. :D

Hey dude, What a good job. I'd say this could be the best NL2 Coaster ever made. I havent seen anything better. I can tell you spent tremendious amounts of time on this ride. I cant believe this, AT ALL.
Jan 15th, 2017
No just speeding up the sim and then decreasing it back to normal speed. I did pause the game once and resumed it a little while later.
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Jan 15th, 2017
@cool5: can't seem to recreate the problem. did you do anything specific?
Jan 15th, 2017
The two outer trains eventually crashed into the back of the other two outer trains after running a lap or two.

Awarded on Jan 29th, 2017

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Track Detail
By Zampano
Uploaded Jan 15th, 2017
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Hyper (4 Seats Across)
Category Fantasy
Downloads 159 Who Downloaded This Track
Ratings 2
Likes 4
Additional Stats
Track Length 19594 feet
Max Height 228 feet
No. of Inversions 0
Top Speed Reached 76 mph
bm, dueling, fantasy, hyperduelling, racing, triple