walibi holland coasters
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this coasters isnt made by me!!!!!

download links coasters:

xpress: http://www.coastercrazy.com/21479/Xpres ... bi-Holland

condor: http://www.coastercrazy.com/21461/Condor-Walibi-Holland

goliath: http://www.coastercrazy.com/21460/Golia ... bi-Holland

lost gravity: http://www.coastercrazy.com/21458/Lost- ... bi-Holland

robin hood: http://www.coastercrazy.com/13613/Robin-Hood

flying dutchman (removed in real life): http://www.coastercrazy.com/13743/Flyin ... Recreation

speed of sound: http://www.coastercrazy.com/14773/The-A ... -Boomerang
jf Coasters
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Feb 18th, 2017
T: They all passed E-Stop. All Coasters aren´t as smooth as they should be, the SLC and the Boomerang are also in real rough rides but in ur reacration they are a lot more jerky. I could use the heartline too build more smooth rides, Goliath and Lost Gravity are in real a lot smoother and also they have a differtent shape. The G´s are ok but u have some moments were they are too high. The Supports are mostly prefab or modified, this isn´t a bad thing but u have the B&M connectores instead of the Vekoma´s or Intamin´s (on Lost Gravity u have used also the right connectores).

A: I like the rides at Walibi Goliath and Lost Gravity are great rides and I just love them. Robin Hood is a good
woodie but not such a Adrenalin ride as some off the others, the other Vekoma´s are also good rides even though they are just clones.

U: U did a good Job with recreate them, but u could done it better coz some parts didn´t look like they should do.

RE: The Problem here is that the coasters are jerky and also that u have used the wrong connectores.

RV: I like the coasters at Walibi Holland, Lost Gravity is such a cool ride and Goliath is just a classic Intamin Mega Coaster.

If u build a coaster in nl2 it would be better if u use the heartline as spline Position and not the Center of rails.
Goliath Drop has a 4-Tube-Track and not the 3-Tube.
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Feb 17th, 2017
Good job with the recreations and roller coasters.

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Feb 17th, 2017
De hele verzameling walibi Holland coasters op 1 groot terrein, dat is wat ik zoek.
Mooie banen, ook de Goliath in de nieuwe kleuren ziet er goed uit.
Mijn complimenten voor deze verzameling.

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Awarded on Feb 27th, 2017

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By iidarkdeception
Uploaded Feb 17th, 2017
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Park
Park Styles Hyper (2 Seats Across)
Category Realistic
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