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Kilauea began nearly 3 years ago as a concept after riding the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure. I wanted to create something with the same launch and roll that IHC had.I began drawing up several ideas of layouts and decided a mix between IHC and Dragon Khan. Halfway through the trackwork I scrapped the original theming which was basically a gamma radiation facility (similar to IHC), and decided a Tiki/Polynesian style. The original plan was to have this as a center island and create a park around it with rides of several amazing NL2 creators such as Kyle Sloane and Dapalm titled Discovery Point. Due to performance, I decided to scrap that (which I may revist at another point) and focus on the coaster and surrounding area as a whole. I began reaching out to many NL2 creators for input, creative ideas, and help. As of now nearly 10 creators from all over has helped/influenced this project. Creating this has been such a huge undergoing and I am grateful to have worked with many other talented creators in the community.

Back Story:

Many years ago, Dr. Sam O. An, led an expedition to find lost treasure deep into the roots of Kilauea, an active volcano and as legend has it, is the home of the Fire god, Dabka. Legend has it that if disturbed Dabka will release his fiery might on all who has disturbed his eternal sleep. Dr. Sam O. An and his team of explorers journeyed deep into the base of the volcano unaware of this legend. Upon entering the base of Kilauea Dr. Sam and his team began excavating the volcano with a special vehicle called the, Terravator, and began digging through the volcano looking for the lost treasure of Dabka. While digging, Dr. Sam O. An and his team disturbed Dabka. Dabka awoke from his sleep and blasted his fiery might throughout the volcano killing everyone inside. But of course... this is just a legend right?

Now, 20 years later, Adventure Isle's Museum of Artifacts has opened at the base of Kilauea only to have on display, The Mask of Dabka. After touring the Museum of Artifacts, board the museum's "Terravator"; vehicles to take an breathtaking journey through Kilauea only to find the Mask of Dabka in the your way. How will you escape?

Enjoy and please be sure to rate and comment below!

~Blase Rhine


Nseven- Trees
Intim305- station/textures
TheCodeMaster- Scripts
Jpaufsc- Support help
David Ainsworth- Skybox
RCW- Creative design
NL2 Advanced- Scripts
Christophe63- Kukulcan models (modified)
Dapalm- Rocks
Kyle Sloane- Textures
Bestdani- Fire Effects
Secretimble- Rocks/Textures
Crazycoaster- Atmosphere Sound
Sketchup Warehouse- Jeep model

Thanks to all contributers!
Dec 6th, 2018
very fun

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Jun 2nd, 2018
I love it! This ride is even more appropriate to ride right now considering Kilauea itself is currently going crazy.
Feb 26th, 2018
top track thanks

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Feb 17th, 2018
Very Nice! Really Realistic!

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Jan 30th, 2018
Great realism. Love the detail.

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Jan 29th, 2018
Great Track!
first of all the scenery was awesome! nice textures, cool effects, sounds, it had everything to trigger your senses.
I felt the queue was a little long, but that happens I guess. The adrenaline was pretty good for a coaster of its type, although could have used maybe a little higher positive G's. The first half did seem typical for a B&M but the second half was more unique. The layout was great as far as elements and pacing but it was a little on the big side as far as footprint. I could see a park adding a coaster like this but I think I would be very spendy coaster. The only things I didn't like were technical. I felt the break run was way too short, and the transition from the transfer track to the station was awkward, but no biggie.

Overall NICE WORK!
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Jan 26th, 2018
I'm a bit of a novice with ratings (and a bit of an amateur with Nolimits in general), so please keep that in mind.

I'd like to start by saying that I absolutely loved this coaster! The flow of the layout, the arrangement, and the shaping of the elements was almost pitch-perfect B&M if you ask me, and I think it made for a very fun and smooth ride. Your track work was great, and the Hulk-inspiration allowed for a layout that feels both unique as well as realistic and in-tune with other B&M sit-downs.

I think the ride alone is worthy of a high rating, but the addition of the theming and the terrain-work really pushed this one over the edge for me. I believe the scenery and the level of detail in the theme really enhanced the ride for me. It wasn't overwhelming or or overdone, but felt organic and added to the beauty and thrill.

Well done, man. You really knocked this one out of the park.
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Awarded on Feb 4th, 2018

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By Blase Rhine
Uploaded Jan 21st, 2018
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Twisted Sitdown
Category Realistic
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