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You are going to a party, yay! Unfortunately, you have missed your train. But there's another option to get there: with the QuickTransExpress. This fast transport device brings you where you want in just a few minutes. I'm sure that your journey will be without any problems, or maybe? Let's not talk about that. Hurry up! Get your ticket, WALK to Platform 15 and take the QTE! Oh and do not enter Platform 13, thank you.

-- Stats --
Height: 45,15 m
Speed: 120 kph
Length: 1780,17 m
Vertical G-force: 5 g
Horizontal G-force: 1,5 g
Acceleration: 2 g
Trains: 3x6x4
Inversions: 4

Custom gates, turnstiles & triggered lights: Bestdani
Lights and lasers: 3creativeD
Buildings: myself
Station audio recorded by Trainspotter_gr
Party Centre music: Alistair Lindsay (No copyright infringement intended)
Track and supports: myself
The signs with Planet Coaster, RCT3 etc. are there to add realism, not to promote these games.

*I was not trying to make a rip-off of Night Xpress from Coasterwolf (And his Night Xpress is way better and more beautifull than this). I wanted to make a rollercoaster with a transport theme based on Xpress Platform 13.*
May 13th, 2018
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By RCT3andNL2stuff
Uploaded May 11th, 2018
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style LIM Launched
Category Fantasy
Downloads 42 Who Downloaded This Track
Ratings 0
Likes 1
Additional Stats
Track Length 5840 feet
Max Height 148 feet
No. of Inversions 4
Top Speed Reached 75 mph