Space Mission
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Space Mission is the new roller coaster of German Theme Constructions.

It is themed in a detailed space scenery. One of the first objects in your eye is the spaceshuttle on the coasterarea. The futuristic design and the very detailed theming of the que line are making the space mission experience to a very exiting experience.

But the most important is the roller coaster, that perfectly fit in the scenery.
On the 1150m long track, the train passes 12 inversions, a maximal height of 48m and reaches a top speed of 94 km/h.
The high number of inversions perfectly simulated the no gravity feeling of the space and makes you lose your orientation.
At the start of the ride, the train passes a dark ride part, where it looks like flying through the space. But then, the riders will be catapulted on the track by a flying launch.

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Very much fun with Space Mission wishes

German Theme Constructions
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Track Detail
By ThemeConstructions
Uploaded Jun 3rd, 2018
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Inverted Impulse
Category Realistic
Downloads 79 Who Downloaded This Track
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Additional Stats
Track Length 3773 feet
Max Height 157 feet
No. of Inversions 12
Top Speed Reached 58 mph
launchcoaster, scenery, space