High Fear
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I present you: High Fear
My newest Mack Ride, putting my idea that I had to get a elevator to make a mini climb, almost like a pre-show, and thus continue the adventure from there.
Mar 3rd, 2019
Very Nice Coaster, the station is a little bare, but the nice square wallpaper very pops out with the grey walls.
The elevator up was very cool, wasn't expecting to go backwards at the top
The coaster itself is a little slow at the beginning but the sudden burst of speed near the middle very brought up the excitement and surprise level.
I would ride this if this was in real life The only issues I can see is like I said earlier the station is a little bare as well as well as may I suggest a fence around the walkway near the entry for safety, if this was a real life coaster and there is no fence someone could go into the coaster running area and get hit by a coaster.
Other than that this is a very nice coaster
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By maicon
Uploaded Mar 2nd, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Mack Launch
Category Realistic
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