Root & Octave
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Years ago, an ancient civilisation inhabited the valley. Little is known of them, other than their odd symbols and fascination with music. In recent explorations, the ruins of their temple were found, alongside something more mysterious... The Octavarium.

Striding into the clouds, nobody could decipher the purpose of the two structures named Root and Octave - the key parts of the Octavarium. Archeologist theorise they were used as a test of strength for the warriors of the community. After endless trial and error, power was returned and the machines sprung to life...

Visitors can now challenge Root and Octave - devious coasters with a 60m max height, 75mph top speed and a combined 8 inversions. Do you possess the bravery? Do you dare to duel?

The Octavarium is about to open...

Thank you to the many people who helped on this project - be it in scenery, testing or creative advice.

Foliage - nSeven
Rocks - FluxTrance
Onride Photo Camera - COASTERGUY246
Skybox - COASTERGUY246
Intamin Hydraulic Launch Track - TheCodeMaster
Strobe Light - bestdani
Custom Camera Script - JetPulse
Lighting Advice - Projektion
Testing and Feedback - Aether Systems and Dan Cotton
Music - 'These Walls' by Dream Theater.
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Apr 14th, 2019
Tech: Really good trackwork, supportwork and shaping for me, the mechanisms all added to a really solid ride,

Adrenaline: Again really solid, some really good interaction, forces and spot on pacing. I liked the drop out of the MCBR on one side which looked like you were going into a different eleemnt - nice deception there. Only negative point was the left side felt a little dull through the middle part of the first section.

Uniqueness: Speaks for itself - nobody will be confusing this with any other coaster!

Realism: Again really solid as mentioned in teh points above. I think maybe the outside area could've done with some more development (more queue line, all the added extras!)

Nice job, really liked the concept and execution, as I've come to expect with your rides!
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By NemesisRider
Uploaded Apr 9th, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Rocket Coaster
Category Realistic
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airtimehill, dueling, heartlineroll, inversions, launch, mystic, tophat, twisted