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- Background

Welcome to Infinity, a new source of power. Following the ISON missions into space, research has introduced to us a new energy source. It's clean and renewable, yet incredibly powerful. You have been invited to experience the raw exhiliration of this out of this world innovation. Infinity Mega Coaster draws speed and energy as if from thin air and will show you boundless thrills that never seem to end.

- Design

Infinity Mega Coaster takes inspiration from many multi-launches that are taking Europe by storm ( Taron, Helix, Icon and Taiga). I adored how they turned a traditional coaster layout completely on it's head as you can save the intensity for a crazy fast finale rather than having to work with the lowest speed of the ride.

This ride intertwines in the way The Smiler does, going back and forth through the layout to keep the track within a tight footprint with the second half circling the first, I wanted to keep that concept with this ride to make a real tangle of track you could watch all day. The name originates from the shape of an Ouroboros (or figure 8), as I love this shape in a layout, it's such a traditional coaster shape to a point where the german and dutch word for a coaster means the same thing. I wanted to twist that shape and you'll notice it appearing from various angles across the layout depending on where you stand.

- Elements

Launch 1
Air-time Hill
Dive Loop*
Ouroboros Turn (Figure 8)
Air-Time Hill
Zero-G Roll*

Launch 2
Top Hat
Vertical Loop*
Outward Banked Hill
Speed Roll*
Bunny Hop
Finale Helix


- Thank You

Massive thanks to Andre (CrazyCoaster) for once again saving this ride from getting binned, by breathing the life it needed from my initial concepts. We've been doing this since we were kids, but as we both now are hitting ours 30s, I really hope to keep this going. All 3d modelling credit goes to him <3

Anyway! I hope everyone enjoys the work that has gone into this ride. As time goes on, projects like this get harder and harder, so I hope you can take the time to let me know what you think.

Welcome to Infinity!
Jul 3rd, 2019
Technique – Where do I start? The entirety of the trackwork was near perfect and the scenery was incredibly well done and blends perfectly with the environment and the ride. Stellar. I especially like the loop, and especially given that it has a wider base. The banking in these elements can be easy to overlook, and I’ve seen many-a-roller coaster with obvious transitions in the vertical loop banking, but yours is clean as hell. The only flaw I really came across was that the transition from turn to launch (the second one) was a bit too snappy. A slightly slower transition in FVD would give you a little more room to get the strict node in without the snap while also keeping the transition ‘snappy’ as is apparent that you were going for that faster transition; (I hope you understand my meaning!) The top hat had excellent pacing. I like that the very front was kept to only -1.4g at max while the whole rest of the train got to experience closer to floater air. And on that, the front seat is most certainly the most intense. I’ve never actually been on an Infinity Coaster so I can’t personally attest to their g-forces, but they do most certainly look intense, and yours crushes it. Very good work here.

Adrenaline – Continuing from my comments about the technique, the adrenaline was always going on this ride. Well, once it started moving, hehe. Really nice work on both of the launches. I like that the first one kicks up after starting the launch and that it’s quite meek and timid, and that the second one starts pulling the train before the last car has settled on the launch and feels like a better version of the first launch; very reminiscent of Gerstlauer. The ride as a whole was paced really well. I never felt like it wasn't giving me enough, and I never felt like it was too intense. Many of the turns hit 3 to 3.5 g's, where I think one of them could have gone up to 4 or 4.5g's, just to shake things up. I think some higher vertical g's in the turns would be appropriate as well considering the more intense ejector air in the hills.

Uniqueness – From what little exposure I have with these kinds of rides, this one seems to fit into the general mold the real company is going for while still being its own unique thing. Element order, layout, tunnels, everything felt like it not only borrowed concepts from other existing things but improved upon them.

Realism – The g-forces on this ride were definitely within the realm of safe. Whether they were comfortable or not is debatable. I personally like my roller coasters to beat me up a little bit though, so I would be perfectly happy riding this one. My only major gripe here is the final turn before the brakes. The ride comes down a hill, simultaneously banking, with some decent speed quite close to guests that would be walking, minding their own business. If the devious guest wasn’t tall enough to jump and strike the ride (or rather get hit by the ride) they would certainly be able to scale the support columns. A barrier (either a net or glass structure) or different pathing (maybe going around the outside of that turn instead) would be better solutions that still allow for off-ride interaction with the roller coaster.

Rider Value – Not much to say that hasn’t already been said; I really loved this ride. Almost everywhere you look, you can see a little bit of love put into the details. I would have liked a little more than a few benches and lights strewn haphazardly around the ride, but I can’t complain too much about that when the ride itself was so well done.
Rider Value
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Jun 17th, 2019
Good coaster with some nice theming. The sceneries need some more realism but the soundtrack is really good.
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By bob_3_
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