Aquaman: Quest for the Trident, S&S Launch Coaster
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This ride is a ride that I designed to replace Green Lantern. I know Green Lantern isn't actually closing, but I designed this before that was announced.

I know this seems like a weird fit for SFMM, but hear me out:
This coaster would be made by S&S, similar to GaleForce, but with bigger trains. I wanted this to be S&S because Six Flags has a bad relationship with Gerstlauer (the other company I could see building this) and they have a good relationship with S&S.
This ride would really just be filler because it would be fairly cheap due to the smaller size and if Green Lantern got removed then they would need a filler for their 20th coaster, which would be this. Plus, it looks really weird, so it would attract the GP.
The surrounding area looks a little weird, I know, but I tried my best to use Google Earth to recreate the surrounding area to show how it would fit in Green Lantern's old spot. The asphalt is used to show the maintenance roads right behind Green Lantern, and I used the Batman clone (credits to TallonD83 for the great recreation) to show how it would fit in with that.

Also, I want to clarify: This is NOT a shuttle.
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By Rexem2013
Uploaded Jun 30th, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Gerstlauer Infinity 2
Category Realistic
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airtime, diveloop, immelman, launch, outerbank, ss