Kings Island NL2 - Phase 1
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This is my recreation of Kings Island (Phase 1 of it)
Both The Beast and Vortex are fully recreated.
You will notice that the train is listed as ride, but it really is just an empty track. The KI train will be constructed in Phase 2.
I have included all the available flat rides of the park, even those away from Phase 1. They are therefore not connected with a pathway or scenery.
Most 3d objects are mine with the exception of a stone set and a foliage set.
Of course, the animated flat rides are not my creation either. I assume most of you are already familiar with them.
Hope you enjoy it, and watch for developments of Phase 2 (Mystic Timber, train and White Water Canyon) in the near future.
Apr 18th, 2020
The detail was very nice. There was definitely a lot of thought and time put into this. The accuracy wasn't 100% but was good. Vortex did crash on the final brake run coming into the station. I'm not sure why. Overall, it was as great job.
Oct 10th, 2019
Trackwork Accuracy - I'll split this up between the two major rides and give a fuzzy average between the two for the overall score. First up..
The Beast
A few issues with the trackwork early on, but things do get better. The radius of the turn out of the station should be a bit larger. The wheels area nice touch before the lift. The first major issue I see though is that the top of the lift should have a much larger radius. The straight section of the first drop in turn would be shorter; looks to be about half as short on the actual ride compared to yours. The next hill, the one diving into the woods after going under the second lift, should be quite a bit higher. This is evidenced by the much faster pacing on your ride, where it should roll over that hill a bit lazily and lumber about the next turn a bit slower. The right hand turn after the second turn should gain a little bit of height. Subsequently the right hand turn after that straight section should lose some height. You've got this section pretty flattened out compared to the terrain The Beast actually has to deal with. The next few turns look nice. The crest of the hill leading into the second chain lift should also have a larger radius; the ride feels more floaty here, and doesn't have the sharp lead-out to the flat section that yours does. Lastly, the radius of the turn after the second chain should be larger. From here on until the train stops at the station is excellent. The massive helix I think you pulled off really well, and the speed going into it initially is there.
The station through the first drop are really nice, though the first left hand turn after should start banking sooner and do so a little slower. The next turn is hard to explain why it's not quite right, but I'll try with a compliment: you've made that section far too smooth for an Arrow Dynamics roller coaster. ;) But to get back to the nit-picker I am, the turns and transitions there are very direct, if I could find a word for it. Watch a pov from the back row and you may see what I mean; the track kinda snaps, especially on the downstretch before the first loops. *ack! my neck!* Your loops look nice! I like the tightness, it really emphasizes the design philosophy of a constant g-force loop (at least for a point mass representation of the train!) Your corkscrews are nice, but the entrance needs a tweak. The banking really should be too far to the right. Yes, purposeful lateral forces. Harsh ones. (I could complain about my neck again.) The turn after should be flatter going into the batwing. Speaking of, there's some funny jutters in that otherwise nicely shaped batwing. Could fix with a tweak of roll nodes I'm sure. The final helix is really nice. Good tightness, and pulls nicely into the brakes. Oh, the fuzzy average.. The Beast gets a 5 and Vortex a 7. I think overall your representation of Vortex was better, though I liked some aspects of The Beast better.

Pacing Accuracy - Goes hand in hand with trackwork accuracy, especially for gravity fed roller coasters, so I usually would just copy the score. You get some bonus points for the monster helix on The Beast though. That was really well done.

Attention to Detail - I'm gonna slide this small complaint in here to dock points on an otherwise really good area. Some of the lift speeds felt a bit too fast, and the acceleration of the trains out of the stations are certainly too fast. The Beast doesn't have wheels but rather uses gravity alone (a detail I quite like, hearing the compressed air releasing and the heavy train slowly but forcefully rolling forward.) I'm not sure if Vortex's station has wheels or not, but it definitely accelerates more slowly. Small details, I know, but fairly easy ones to achieve. The attention to detail regarding everything but the design of the roller coasters is really well executed. I like all of the small details you've placed in, and don't see any glaring missteps in that department. If I don't turn around in some spots, it really fells like King's Island. Quite nice.

Scenery Accuracy - Mostly stated in Attention to Detail, but to reiterate, outstanding work. I think anybody could appreciate the time you've poured into this project.

Degree of Difficulty - There's a lot on your plate with this recreation, and sometimes the older manufacturers who used more primitive techniques can be harder to truly emulate than newer roller coasters. I'd like to iterate here though that if this were something like Hyper Rails or RCT3 this would be straight 10's. I do hold No Limits to a bit of a high standard because it's capable of such high standards. I also want to commend such an effort, and don't let my critiques of trackwork fool you, I loved combing over this gem of a No Limits project. This is a really faithful representation to the real deal. Further, I see someone who appears to understand (at least conceptually) how these structures are made and why they do some of the more nuanced things they do. Maybe it's time to graduate to FVD? I'd say give it a try. :) I can't guarantee it'll improve your trackwork scores, but it's the direction to go IMHO. Geometric sections exist within that realm as well, and for much of this phase of King's Island, that would probably be most suited.

Cheers, and well done. I thoroughly enjoyed your recreation!
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Oct 8th, 2019
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