Predator: Retracked!
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For 30 years, Predator has stood as New York's most intense wooden coaster. Recently, however, many have complained about Predator's rough state, and some have suggested a total renovation. Does Predator deserve a steel hybrid makeover, or does this cat just need its claws groomed?

- Length: 3,400 ft.
- Max Height: 95 ft.
- Top Speed: 50 MPH
- Duration: 1:50
- Re-Tracked Duration: 1:40
- Approximate Riders Throughput (1 Train): ~500 riders/hr

Predator: Retracked is a mix between recreation and concept. It stays true to the original layout of Predator, but adds some smoothing to certain rough sections of the track, in an attempt to reduce roughness and increase the structural longevity of the ride. Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the design document for more information!

Design Document: ... sp=sharing

Thanks to Joseph Funches (IG: @ jojo_funches) for the logo.

Assets Used:
BT Paths V2: ... e=1#Item_0
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By itsbCool
Uploaded Oct 11th, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Woodie Classic 4 Seat
Category Recreation
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