Mountain Boss
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Deep in the mountains lies an airtime-filled coaster that will work up a misty thrill for just about any one.

Name: Mountain Boss
Opening Year: 2015
Make: Bolliger & Mabillard
Model: Hyper Coaster
Height: 250 ft
Drop: 263 ft
Speed: 85 mph
Angle: 78.5 degrees
Length: 6333 ft
Trains: 3 trains with 8 cars per train. Riders sit 2-across in 2 rows for a total of 32 riders per train.
Train Make: Bolliger & Mabillard
Train Model: Hypercoaster staggered seat
Music Used:
Oct 26th, 2019
You've got a really nice out and back hyper coaster here. It's just too bad it's all alone out there!

Technique (9.5) - Really nice work here. A couple of transitions I felt were just a hair too quick, but overall I think you got B&M's newer style down really nicely.

Adrenaline (9) - Being almost a giga, the speed is certainly there, and is held well for the ride giving good pacing. I think it's missing something in the stretch home leading up to the MCBR and after. I would definitely have altered the layout to fit a splash down just before the final brakes. There's room for it, it would fit the style perfectly, and you would still have the speed for it if you gutted the MCBR.

Uniqueness (8) - Pretty standard B&M overall with the only unique thing being the turn around in the middle of the ride. I really like the airtime that hill provides; that would be lovely in the front and back. Aesthetically though, I think B&M would've done something less symmetric. The small ejector air out of the element is a good touch to break the symmetry, but from afar it's not as noticeable. Raising the second turn after the air hill and exiting like the 90 degree ejecting element on Fury 325 would have been my suggestion.

Realism (7.5) - Okay, I'm gonna address the color here, and I hope I don't sound too mean, but man it's ugly. XD I would consider playing around with adding saturation and darkening all of the colors a little bit. These pure, bright colors don't really happen in life, and if they do it's not for long as the sun fades paint pretty quickly. A little bit of darkening on the white goes a long way too. 220-230 for red green and blue on the RGB usually makes for a nice white in sim. 255 across the board pops really hard. The same can be said for blacks but in the other direction, maybe a little bit lighter than the white is dark. A touch of blue can also really help in low light conditions. A lot more could have been done to make the ride feel like it's in a park and not a sandbox sim. The barren wasteland lose you a little bit here and in rider value.

Rider Value (8) - B&M hypers are becoming some of the most reliable and crowd attracting rides these days, and this one brings just about everything you'd expect from one of these massive structures. As far as the ride itself, this one delivers, but the scenery and theming could use some improvement. There aren't many areas in the world that have zero vegetation, and you probably wouldn't want to ride a roller coaster in those areas, let alone wait in line or walk around a park. Some trees or bushes, maybe sprinkle in some flat rides here or there.. these details can go a long way in making the space feel lived in and welcoming.
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By elcrazytoro
Uploaded Oct 25th, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Hyper (4 Seats Staggered)
Category Realistic
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