Log Express
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St. Giuseppe: a town once full of promise. A large part of the citizens worked in the lumberjack industry, but they had to walk quite a bit to their workplace every day. That's why the company came up with the Log Express: a special way of transport. Quick and efficiënt were the keywords. It was an amazing modernisation at the time. Unfortunately, the lumberjack industry faded and a mining company, M.onster Mining, took over the site. The lumberjack industry almost disappeared and the town lost prestige, but this train did not. Although being decades old and a collapsed bridge, it's still running to this day. And now, the Log Express Lumberjack company invites YOU to take a ride and experience the machine that once made the lumberjack life in St. Giuseppe so much easier.

This project was made in a couple of days because my original RU 300 project unfortunately crashed (now I know why a back up is so important...). It is not great by any means, but for making a lot of the theming (which all passes the clearance test) in just a few days I think it does not look too bad. Of course this did not win or even reaching honorable mentions because look at those yourself, so much cooler than this.
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By RCT3andNL2stuff
Uploaded Nov 18th, 2019
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Vekoma Minetrain With Locomotive
Category Realistic
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