Pixar Pier Remastered
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What you will need. KoopaTroopa643's Paradise Pier Set, Jcat's Steelworx, AzoRctMan's World of Color Lasers, NYR Box Supports, Pteri's Tunnel Pack, ATH Catwalk Set, Tycoon4life's Golden Zephyr CFR, Ralfvieh's Hall, Intamin First Gen Looper, All CTRs and In-Game Cars on all Tracks, AzoRctMan's Paradise Pier Signs, DRP Lightz, Ynor9's Control Room, Spice's Trees, Spice's Palm Trees, Flags by JMainZ, ShyGuy's Rock Set, Safari J's Arrow Pack Moby's Steel Jungle, Samba Balloon Ride, Jcat's Mouse Worx, Boston's Illuminations, Shy Guy's Main Street Set, Matt's MagicBand Scanners 2.0, CPcisco's B&M Footers, Chriz's Paradise Pier Sets, Ralfvieh's Fountain Set, and EBF's Animated Flag Set 03. Here's a remastered Pixar Pier. Along with Paradise Gardens Park.
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By chancegalaxy
Uploaded Jan 31st, 2020
Simulation Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
Track Style RCT3 - Saved Game
Category Park
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Track Length 0 feet
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