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Peregrine -

Names after the fastest animal in the world. This wing coaster dives and swoops it's prey at speeds of over 70mph. Take a walk along the lake side setting or hike the hill to watch as the coaster manouvers the sky.

Based heavily on exisiting B&M Wing Coasters, Peregrine was an experiment in shaping, as I am still getting used to FVD. It was never intended to be a fully released project, but I grew to love the layout and wanted to showcase it. I've always found some of the earlier wing coasters a little sluggish, so this design was to give something that had some real buffy pacing to it. This required a tall height and a relatively shorter layout, but I like to think this would ride awesomely in real life. This is a project I've released mainly with objects found default within the game and has been a joy to produce, so I may well look at releasing some of these quicker layout focused rides in the future.

188ft Wingover Drop
Zero-G Roll
Air-Time Hill
Immelman Loop
Giant Wingover
Bunny Hop
Low Flying Turn
In-line Twist

Big thanks to Andre (CrazyCoaster) for your continued support and suggestions, and Daniel (DCHighHeat) for challenging my design and try out the weird stuff.

Also everyone on NLC Discord for showing some interest in what I'm doing.

Please Let me know what you think.


Richard Lerwill
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By bob_3_
Uploaded Feb 13th, 2020
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Twisted Wing Coaster
Category Realistic
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