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Ride on the Northern Lights above the lake, with a vertical drop, and breath taking views of the northern landscape.


The layout is heavily inspired by Emperor at SeaWorld San Deigo and Valkyria at Liseberg. I wanted to try and emulate this style of ride and create my own version. I've loved how these coasters are condensed, punchy experiences that leave you wanting more as you fly into the brakes. Designing this has made me realise it's a hard balance to get something that gives that experience without being too short or dragging towards the end. The track was designed using FVD++.


Vertical Drop (with holding brake)
Immelman Loop
Horseshoe Overbank
Zero-G Roll
Airtime Hill
Side-ways Dive


Music is from His Dark Materials Soundtrack by Lorne Balfe
Cars are altered from TheCodeMaster's custom dive trains

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By bob_3_
Uploaded Jul 28th, 2020
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Twisted Floorless
Category Realistic
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