Coasterman Soundwaves
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Are u Ready to take your music waves for a ride in this incredible B&M double launch wing coaster, well hang on and and enjoy your journey through the vibes of music waves. And rate this park to and comment of your favorite part of the ride #takeyourmusicwavesforaride

Coasterman Soundwaves
B&M twisted wing coaster
9 Inversions
Max height 162 Ft
2 Launches
51 MPH
1 min and 57 sec duration ride

Songs remix

Train 1 technowaves

Train 2 steampunk world

Train 3 vibes feels
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Track Detail
By Coasterman0108
Uploaded Dec 16th, 2020
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Twisted Sitdown
Category Fantasy
Downloads 28 Who Downloaded This Track
Ratings 0
Likes 1
Additional Stats
Track Length 7109 feet
Max Height 163 feet
No. of Inversions 9
Top Speed Reached 0 mph
soundwaves, takeyourmusicwavesforarid