Radius 1183
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Hi everyone,
This is a track I worked on with NL-1 which was the New River Gorge bridge and coaster. Well, here it is again but with NL-2.
I think you'll find this version much better since NL-2 gives you loads of space to work in and a greater variety of steel
and wood supports.
Here are the bridge statistics:
1. Height 876 feet exactly the same as the real bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia!
2. Span of the Arch: 1,700 feet, again exactly the same as the real thing
3. High point in Arch: 360 feet, same as the real thing.
4. Radius of the Arch: 1,183 feet. (same)

When working on the track I named it "Radius 1183" so as to distinguish it from all the other "New River" tracks.
But in doing so, after I finished the bridge and coaster, I could not rename the file. So it has to be called "Radius 1183)

I guess you're wondering how I found the radius of the arch. I found the answer on the Internet. If you know the
span of the arch, 1,700 and the rise of the arch, 360, you can find the radius, which is 1,183.

Ride, enjoy and above all, explore the whole environment because there's plenty to see. You can even take a walk
under the bridge using the "Catwalk."
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Uploaded Jun 28th, 2021
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Hyper (4 Seats Across)
Category Fantasy
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