Beach Streak
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In 1875 what is now Green Hill Resort was opened by the Waldorf family as a prestigious beach resort that catered to the wealthy and elite. In 1944, the land was sold to a businessman who then decided to cater to not just the wealthy but the common folk as well. He decided that the resort needed something to boost the adrenaline and purchased a few rides. In the winter of 1947, ground was broken. Featuring an unusually large crew, the very first coaster was constructed in an astonishing 63 days! In March of 1948, the Beach Streak opened to the public with a single PTC train featuring a handrail bar and no seat belts. The ride cost 25 cents to ride back in the day.

As the park continued to grow, the businessman wanted to retire and sold the park to Sentinel Parks and Attractions in 1988 who changed the name to Green Hill Resort and changed the park to admission price rather than pay-per-ride. In 1990. seat belts were added to the original train and a second, identical train was purchased. To accomodate the second train, the unload platform became a load platform, the load platform became the trainsfer track, and the skid brakes were replaced with powerful "Cincinatti" fin brakes. The ride was computerized for the first time that year spelling the end of the levers which controlled the previous brakes.

In 2016, the ride was overhauled again. A significant amount of trackwork was done, the ride received a new control system from Bolliger & Mabillard which included a control and enable panel from Consign LLC. The previously open operators' station was replaced with an air-conditioned booth and the queue and midway was completely redone. The biggest change, however, was two brand new articulating three-bench trains from PTC featuring the company's famed ratcheting lap bars bringing an end to the era of the buzz bars.

So the Beach Streak went from as classic as can be with buzz bars and hand-operated brakes to ratcheting bars and a Consign panel. However, the ride's main quirk, the so-called "tsunami hill" was preserved throughout each incarnation as well as the obscene amount of airtime this hill produced. While most other parks would correct the track error, Green Hill resort embraces it. Beach Streak was built to be an airtime machine. Removing such a hill would do a disservice to the ride's purpose.

So enjoy your ride on the legendary Beach Streak. Enjoy the views and don't forget to brace for that hill!

Name: Beach Streak
Opening Year: 1948
Make: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, INC.
Design style: John C. Allen, Frank F. Hoover
Height: 87 Feet
Drop: 85 Feet
Angle: 45 Degrees
Speed: 49 mph
Length: 2938 Feet

Trains: 2 trains with 4 cars per train. Riders sit 2-across in 3 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.
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Uploaded Sep 3rd, 2021
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Woodie Classic 6 Seat
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