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This is an upgrade for my last NL2 New River Gorge coaster. The last one was called Radius 1183 because I didn't know I could change the name to NEW RIVER COASTER ULTIMATE which this one is.

It takes about 3 minutes for the coaster to load into the play mode so don't worry. Just takes a little time

This upgraded model has two lift hills. The second lift hill was added to this model and takes the riders up over 1,000 feet, actually about 1,050 and then drops them straight down into he Gorge at over 160 mph. Don't worry, all G forces are tolerable. I added some hiking trails so don't forget to check them out. There are 10 trains on the track. Hit the T key to ride the second train which goes through the spray of another train. All the rest of the trains perform the same. It just takes the first train to set up the proper sequence of train dispatches. But you can ride the first train if you prefer but don't forget you can press the T key at any time to jump from one train to the train behind you were riding in. Also the last train is turned backward so if you want to ride the Gorge backwards wait till you hop into the tenth 10th train.

The Bridge is the actual size of the real Bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia being 876 feet high, 3030 feet long and the arch is 1700 feet wide with a 360 foot rise giving it a radius of 1183 feet. I had to get the formula to find the radius because without the radius I could not construct the perfect realistic arch. So when you look at this Bridge in the simulator, keep in mind that you are looking at a perfect replica of the real Bridge in West Virginia.

Hope you enjoy the new updated version of the New River Gorge Ultimate coaster.
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Uploaded Nov 10th, 2021
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Hyper (4 Seats Across)
Category Fantasy
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