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This is Trackbender (Blaine Anderson)'s vision of BomBora. The ride has not opened yet, so this based on speculation and what he would like to see. It is not an accurate representation of the real ride, nor was it intended to be.

Description from the designer:

"Ok first thing first. I made no effort to make this like the actual ride. Since few have seen the real ride, it's hard to know what it will really be like. Remember this was just for fun...relax, we'll get to ride the real one soon enough. Now join me in my fantasy. Ha Ha! As I stated in a forum entry that I was going to do this, this is a launched design. It really blurs the line between family and thrill ride. (Hey if Silver Dollar City gets to bill Powder Keg as a family ride I can call this one too.) We'll just call it an extreme family ride and leave it at that.

Sid's (a member of the LIF community) keen eye keeps saying Bombora is a Premiere design, so my design is intended to use the Premiere rolling stock and two rail zigzag track design seen on last year's Sky Rocket at Kennywood. The Maurer Sohne X car makes for a great stand in. Maybe some day we'll see an X car coaster at Lagoon.

I deleted the items in the template except for the outlining area, because my 6 year old computer was choking trying to draw them in the construction mode of No Limits. I intended to save my track once done as an element and just simply drop it back into the original template.......well the problem was it only redrew just the track and not the supports. Arrrrh! Sorry I'm not going to redraw the supports again with my computer the way is. I intend to upgrade at the release of No Limits 2. So here it is."
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By f
Uploaded Jul 8th, 2022
Simulation NoLimits Coaster
Track Style NL - Xcar
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