Everest - Intamin Strata Coaster
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Intamin Strata Coaster

Everest is an Intamin Strata Coaster situated in a wooded valley surrounded by mountains. It consists of floater airtime hills and overbanked turns. A section of the coaster sits over a lake. I feel that I could have done the supports better, but other than that, I feel I did very well for my first coaster. It was heavily inspired by Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

Height: 465 feet
Drop: 450 feet
Length: 8,978 feet
Speed: 114 miles per hour
Steepest Drop: 77 degrees
Maximum Vertical G Force: +4.4
Minimum Vertical G Force: -0.7
Maximum Lateral G Force: +1.0
Minimum Lateral G Force: -0.8
Maximum Longitudinal G Force: +1.0
Minimum Longitudinal G Force: -1.0
Duration (First Drop to Final Break Run): 71 seconds
Trains: 2 trains with 10 cars, 40 riders per train.
- Straight Drop
- Overbanked Turn
- Floater Airtime Hill
- Overbanked Turn
- Overbanked Turn
- Floater Airtime HIll
- Overbanked Turn
- Floater Airtime Hill
- Floater Airtime Hill
- Overbanked Turn
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By Maxwend1
Uploaded Aug 20th, 2022
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Hyper (2 Seats Across)
Category Realistic
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