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After an small airstrip got shut down and abandoned for many years, the local council decided to renovate the area where it sat with a new path by the reservoir. Part of the scheme includes RedEye, a ride that celebrates the history of the land it sits on, with a bright lighting package, this coaster will be the backdrop of the many events planned on the old airstrip.


This coaster was initially inspired by the new wing coaster in Fantasy Valley. I loved how it sat elevated and created this beautiful shape in the skyline. I used elements from that coaster, but also Fenix in Toverland and a few of the other wing coasters in china to create a ride with plenty of air and a flowing pace. The ride sits on its on bank, slightly raised, with a lighting package that highlights the profile of elements.


Straight Drop
Zero-G Roll
Air-Time Hill
Downward Carousel
Air-Time Hill
Upward Carousel
In-Line Twist


Thomas Codling - Station and area design

RobbinBob - Track lights

TheCodeMaster - Airgate Animation

Red-Thirteen - Op Panel Kit

Bestdani - Instant Animations Kit

Imagineerjack - Sign Graphics
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By bob_3_
Uploaded Oct 26th, 2022
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Twisted Wing Coaster
Category Realistic
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