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Background -
Festival Gardens sits on the edge of Lake Julian as an escape for people from the local city with a large number of outdoor activities. In 2022 they have decided to expand with a number of permanent attractions and have purchased three second hand rides, Float - a paratrooper ride, Drop - an Intamin drop tower, and Kick! - a 90s B&M invert.

Design -
This project started after being asked to produce an old-school B&M invert in the same style as Raptor at Cedar Point, I tried a few various ideas but ended up really loving this semi-clone layout and it was really fun to capture that power the original inverts have. After a few months trying to perfect the track work, I brought onboard Thomas Codling Design. Thom’s passion for the tiniest details in realism really brought this coaster to life.

The aesthetic of Kick! is very much based the potential I saw in Monster at Walygator Park in France, how can you make a fun and vibrant ride identity on a low budget.

Elements -
Vertical Loop
Zero-G Roll
Cobra Roll
Upward Helix
Upward Swoop
Foating S-Hill
Downward Helix

Special Thanks To -
Pupper_ware - The reason this project even happened!
TheCodeMaster - Gate Script, Roar Kit Red-Thirteen - Op Panel Kit
Robbinbob - NL2 Texture Kit, Paratrooper,
Light Kit M34 - Intamin Drop Tower
Bestdani - Instant Animations, Ultimate Attachment Tools
Jpaufsc - B&M Loop Connectors
SecretImbecile - CCTV Kit, Doors Kit
Wolf Raging 95 - B&M Lift Motor
SpigotYML - Emergency Exit Signs
ELEMENT115 - AS Asset Pack

And the rest of the NL2 Community for feedback!
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By bob_3_
Uploaded Nov 15th, 2022
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Inverted (4 Seats Across)
Category Realistic
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