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Start those engines and get ready to floor it! The Yards has just opened up their engine lab and are looking for test drivers to test out just what these experimental engines can do! Are you up for the challenge? Slowpokes need not apply. Must like high speed, loud noises, and have a lead foot.

Includes lights for the tunnel and storage shed that can be switched on and off. Every associate gate, the two associate only doors, and some of the low zone gates can be clicked to open/close.

Name: Ignition (2019-present)
Previous Name: Combustion (2001-2019)
Make: Premier Rides
Model: Custom LIM Coaster
Opening Year: 2001

Height: 160 feet
Speed: 74 mph
Length: 4873 feet
Angle: 90 degrees
Acceleration: 0-74mph in 3.8 seconds

Inversions: 6
160-foot Top Hat Inside
Cobra Roll (2)
Zero G Roll

Trains: 4 trains with 5 cars per train. Riders sit 2-across in 2 rows for a total of 20 riders per train.

Building is modeled after Rose-Hulman's Brahnam and Kremer Innovation Centers
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By elcrazytoro
Uploaded Feb 3rd, 2023
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style LIM Launched
Category Realistic
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