Air Race
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/// Welcome to Air Race ///

This coaster simulates what the air race pilot feels on their plane during the race. It loads the high g-force jerks, abrupt direction change, and sustains g-force. Come in if you are brave enough!

This coaster was inspired by the Eagle Fortress coaster. I was enthused by how they designed each turn to make a wild and intense swing throughout the course. So, I began this project to do a design experiment with how the track shape induced the train swing. I used a resonance phenomenon to create a natural swing. The track was designed to synchronize with how the train will swing. When the frequency is matched, the train will swing wilder. You might feel a repetition on some turns, but it should be like this to make a natural swing and beauty.

I hope you enjoy my creation, and I'm looking forward to hearing your constructive feedback :)


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NoLimits2Advanced Rides
Besdani's Sound Setup Tool
nSeven's foliage pack
Plantoris Park Pack - Islands
Plantoris Park Pack - Stalls
Plantoris Park Pack - Fences

Plane Model - Cassutt Spezial by marsahl (3D Warehouse)
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By slalom
Uploaded Feb 26th, 2024
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Suspended
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