NoLimits - Special Editon
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Here's a good ride from me for RCT2.
This is a SPECIAL EDITION from my other ride NoLimits...
It's a little more exiting and it has more riders per hour [:)]

Here are all stats:
exitement rating: 8.30 (very high)
intensity rating: 6.57 (high)
nausea Rating: 3.42 (Medium)
max speed: 115 kmh
average speed: 33 kmh
ride time: 1min 31secs
Ride length: 1,162m
max positive vertical G's: 3.87g
max positive vertical G's: -1.47g
max lateral G's: 2.57g
Total 'air' Time: 5.97secs
drops: 7
Highest drop height: 49m

Please download and rate [pshades][:D]
Sep 5th, 2017

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By Dirk_Ermen
Uploaded Mar 11th, 2004
Simulation Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
Track Style RCT2 - Track
Category Realistic
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Track Length 0 feet
Max Height 0 feet
No. of Inversions 0
Top Speed Reached 0 mph