Icarus: Wings of Steel
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Dare to touch the sun on this 94 meter B&M Giga coaster!
Reaching speeds of up to 145 km/h, Icarus: Wings of Steel careens riders over 1888 meters of track, with 7 moments of significant airtime adding up to more than 20 total seconds, and a new element dubbed the Sun Dive. This new element floats riders over a slow sweeping turn, dipping them past vertical at the top before flipping back the other way and diving into a helix speeding just over the ground at over 120 km/h.

The Batman: the Ride recreation isn't quite 100 yet, but works really well as some dynamic scenery, and should be included in the rating as such and not as a full attempt to perfectly recreate the ride. To iterate, Icarus should be the focus, BtR is more of a teaser for if I can get around to ironing out the kinks.

Without further a due,
I hope you enjoy your ride on Icarus: Wings of Steel. :)
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Apr 9th, 2020
Overall great ride once again!

Technique: Technique on this ride is flawless as we have come to expect from you. Really smooth and very B&M-like

Adrenaline: Great pops of ejector airtime on top of those hills. Also kept insane speed until the very end! Although I think the transition at the top of the hill at the far back of the layout could have been a bit snappier and have more airtime.

Uniqueness: I don't really know a whole lot about B&M Giga's but this looked like most of the ones I saw POV's of.

Realism: 1 Points of critique here and they also with the turnaround at the far end. That helix/turn is sustains 3-4 g's so long, people would possible pass-out there. I think it's even longer than I305's turnaround. Other than that it looks pretty realistic.

Rider Value: Would ride again if I don't pass out.
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By FrankLeeMadere
Uploaded Jan 27th, 2020
Simulation NoLimits Coaster 2
Track Style Hyper (4 Seats Across)
Category Realistic
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airtime, bm, giga