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2022: Lost Island, $100 million theme park in Waterloo, Iowa

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This should be talked about more than it is; the Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo, Iowa, are building a $100 million theme park next to it. Construction broke ground in 2019 and the park is due to open in 2022.

Explanation of lands and confirmed and potential attractions

Article: ... 73948.html

Two confirmed relocated coasters already in storage on-site are an Intamin Xcelerator from Sweden and an SLC from South Africa. (the latter will have new trains as the old ones are for sale)

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So Kanonen and an SLC? Lame, why even bother?

I hope it gets canceled.
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haha wow, such hate. :lol:

Kanonen was a fun little launch coaster. Glad to see it going somewhere. :)
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I loved Kanonen! This makes me happy to see, I'd hate to think they'd scrapped it.

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It's interesting how Lost Island managed to snag up secondhand coasters here and there. Definitely not a *strong* line-up, but they could be a contender if they are able to deliver on their concept art and bring in guests.

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