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Coaster's T-Rex Track for All! - RMC T-Rex Track Pack V.2

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*Thanks to N7 for his plants and Bye Tom for his paths

CoasterDude's NL2 T-Rex Track Pack, make unique T-Rex Track coasters with this easy-to-use pack! :D


Download here:
Coaster's T-Rex
(1.01 MiB) Downloaded 422 times

Whats New?
V.2 - 1/10/17
  • Added an NL2 "Metal" material to make the rails more metallic, as well as creating the ability to change colors freely
  • Adjusted altpac file dimensions so the underlying track no longer sticks out from the generated rails
  • Added READ ME text file with specific instructions on how to use this pack
  • Added a shading texture "00" for the NL2mat
  • Removed textures made irrelevant by use of the new Nl2mat
V.1 - 12/24/16
  • Created base template for RMC T-Rex Track
  • Added green, red, and orange textures

File Locations
  • Altpacs are in the folder Altpacs
  • Materials are in the folder Textures

To generate the track*
  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Open the Light Pattern Creator under the advanced tabGenerate the Ttop, Tmiddle, and Tbottom NL2SCOs using the altpacs provided
  • Add in the generated models and set Pos X,Y, and Z values to 0
  • Open the Nl2SCO editor under the scenery tab
  • Open the Ttopsco fileSelect the materials tab and change the setting to replace the "altpac" material with the "metal" material provided
  • Save all changes and reload the park

To change the track color**
  • Open the NL2mat editor under the scenery tab
  • Open the "metal" material provided
  • Change the setup for Texture Unit 0 under the textures tab
  • Change the color under 2D (constant color) to the desired color (default is red)
  • Save all changes and reload the park

*Track is only compatible with the Mack Launch coaster type
** Avoid bright colors as the brightness is increaced to form the specular color

Got suggestions or questions? PM me or post a reply below so we can work together to make this pack better! :D
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A suggestion i can make just based on your first screenshot is the track has to look more realistic and less like a 3D object.

In CodeMaster's tutorial he makes the track reflective and a bit shiny. Do this to yours and we have a winner.

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