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Since 2002, has been the premiere destination on the Internet for those with a passion for theme parks and roller coaster design. It has been a place to collaborate, a place to share, a place to give and take criticism, a place to be with others like you. After all today's Roller Coaster Design Enthusiast may very well become tomorrow's engineers. is staffed entirely by an international team of volunteers. Funding has been in part by the generosity of the community and revenue from unobtrusive ads and the sales of merchandise.

Server hardware, collocation space including power and connectivity, and systems administration has been donated by Theme Park Innovations since 2005.

Any and all donations provided will be used for the continuous innovation of That will be achieved through custom coding that bring to live many more features we have visualized for the site. All hardware and software we use will also be improved with the donations you provide.

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We received 10 USD in donations. Our goal is to raise 7500 USD.