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Dreamworld, Australia 2020 - Mack Launch Coaster

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Well this came out of nowhere...



If you think you???ve experienced it all, think again!

We are reinventing the definition of thrill, with new rides and experiences on the horizon. Get ready to challenge yourself and experience Dreamworld and WhiteWater World like never before, with a new world-first rollercoaster, with a triple launch system, and a new waterslide complex, featuring 6 new body slides coming soon!


New Adrenalin-Inducing Rollercoaster

The thrill of this ultimate 1.2km rollercoaster, featuring multiple inversions and reaching hair-raising speeds of 105km/h, is based on the world???s number one model, the Blue Fire Launch Coaster. It operates in 14 locations globally, including Europa Park and Disney Hollywood Studios.

Dreamworld???s newest adrenalin-fuelled ride, will be a unique experience unlike any other in the world. The addition of the Southern Hemisphere???s first triple launch system will include a stall and reversed twisted half pipe and the world???s first separate spinning gondola!


WhiteWater World's New Waterslide Complex

Get ready to make a splash at WhiteWater World when our six new waterslides drop in. Grouped in one totally wicked location, each slide will offer a unique experience, featuring natural light effects and multiple vibrant colours.

Our unique body slides will be the purest form of waterslides that you can experience, with just you, the water and a big splash at the bottom. Stay tuned for updates on this fantastic new experience, making a splash at WhiteWater World soon!


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Oh wow, this looks like the blue fire model, but what's with the rear spike?
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Well, it's clearly Blue Fire with a modified dual launch!
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Traintastic26 News Writer
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So instead of the pre show it has a triple launch situation. That's a cool modification. I didn't realize there were *14* Blue Fire clones.

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