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Europa Park's New Coaster for 2009- Announced!

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Post April 7th, 2009, 8:05 pm

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carnt wait to be riding this with you in a few weeks only now dirk, this is going to be a awsomly mega trip
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Post April 7th, 2009, 11:00 pm

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Looks great! But it also looks a little slower than i expected. I like the rock tunnels.

Post April 8th, 2009, 2:49 am
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Remember me pointing out these earlier in this thread?:


We still never worked out what they're actually for...

Looking at it now, they either stil haven't finished all the themeing, it's there to hold signs up on special occasions OR it's something to do with/help with Macks own manufacturing process of transport process. OR they started fabricating these supports before they'd actually finalised the rides design, and there was a helix in the underside of the first element? [lol]

Any thoughts?

Post April 8th, 2009, 9:52 am

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If there is one thing I see, and have learned about MACK it's that-

Their 3-tube track looks way nicer han INTAMIN's, I mean, look at those beaut's! Wider, cleaner, what do you think?

Also, that ride looks so f-in sick...WOO, I wish I lived there!

Post April 8th, 2009, 10:28 am

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Those little weird things are also on the MCBR.


Post April 8th, 2009, 6:14 pm

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Ok...maybe we'll see a future coaster that will intertwine with this one and they already made the parts were they will connect...just saying...whose to say I can't dream[:)]
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Post April 8th, 2009, 7:57 pm

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looks epic(!!), but, one question............Whats with the wierd restraints?
Almost looks like cheap plastic (like the stuff they make for cheap chairs)! And absolutely clunky, and looks like they will break out from you during the ride!

Post April 9th, 2009, 4:41 am

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this coaster is really tha bomb.. And this year i gonna ride it..
I have the money to travel to there, now only plan my visit! and lucky me, in the same time in germany i gonna ride black mamba phantasialand too!

Post April 9th, 2009, 5:28 am

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^^ I think the restraints look a lot more comfortable than Intamin's OTSRs.

Post April 13th, 2009, 7:50 pm

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Post April 24th, 2009, 7:30 pm

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that looks Awesome! I wish i lived near there so i could go on it! too bad for me! LOL love the smoke effect looks kewl!

Post April 26th, 2009, 8:28 am

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Post April 29th, 2009, 10:20 am

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