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OK, this is a slightly unusual posting, but it comes from an unusual set of circumstances!

In a nutshell, I joined this forum a few years(!) ago, after I'd just upgraded to No Limits 2. I was full of plans to really get to grips with it, but then I had a life-changing accident which put paid to all that. I'll spare the boring details, but suffice to say that I am finally in a position to pick up where I left off.

I've all but retired now, so find myself with lots of time to spare and a very comfortable standard of living. However, "time is of the essence"! I'm really anxious to make up for last time, and have the idea that I would like to "hire" someone for tuition! I know there are on-line guides and tips, but I think it's so much better, and quicker, to just sit beside someone and see first hand.

I basically want to meet someone who's more of an expert than me (easily done!) even if they don't know everything - I don't expect them to. I have so many questions, even some which would probably be called "basic" ones, on subjects from No Limits 1 to No Limits 2, to making terrains, to creating 3D objects, you name it.....

Regarding remuneration, I would pay someone's travelling expenses (if they came to me), wine and dine them, and pay them for their time as well. In short, I will "make it worth your while"!

So the first thing is for me to put out feelers, i.e. ascertain if there is indeed anyone in the UK who would be willing to help me. For all I know, all you experts might be in the USA, Germany or Japan, ha ha!

If you think we might be able to arrange something, then please get in touch, either through this board or by emailing me on

Thanks for reading!

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