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Happened a long time ago, But im going to clear some stuff.

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Hey guys and gals. I am here to give an apology for my past as i was a burden and a disturbance to this site.
I was an immature little pal with a high attitude and from me looking at some of my past posts from searching i can say it was a lot worse than i thought
i feel so much guilt from not saying anything about my other accounts and consistently trying to come back to this site when i should not be here.
Dont worry, im not trying to bring more problems.
i want to clear up all my names / accounts that ive used on this site

I am, Blazer32.
Also Spyro34212

Im sure there has been some other accounts i slapped on here a long time ago but i dont remember

If you have any questions or want to know the truth about anything please let me know, i will answer anything.
if you also want to know stuff abt me too ill be glad to answer. im still a very active NL2 builder, im in the No Limits discord and everything.

im also thinking of downloading some of my really old tracks and re making them in nl2 hehe

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D: I appreciate your apologies. :) welcome back!
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Paradox wrote:
No need to tell Oscar about the problems. He is magic.

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