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I like the old xbox layout better. Can I change it back?

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Specifically for recording. I plan on doing some type of "Spend a day at _____ park" video, and I want to record some walking in the video, not running. The button layout before the update that changed it made more sense IMO. To run, you'd use the analog. To walk, you could use the d-pad. Now the d-pad does nothing, so they've taken away a good feature. I even like the more logical y to ascend and A to descend. You could pick trains with the R and L Bs&Ts, but I'm not too sure about this as I rarely used it. Boarding and unloading are the same.

Can I change it?

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I had just got a used Xbox360 controller and used pc cord today. I am wondering if I can use one of the 4 colored A,B,X,Y buttons on the right side to control lash train to track. It would be for my scenic railway that i have been building.

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I don't think NL2 supports keybinding at this moment in time.

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Maybe you could use something like JoyToKey to manipulate the keybindings on your controller? I don't know if it will work though, haven't tried it myself.

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Thanks for the replies. This might not have anything to do with the layout itself, but I can say I've never had this problem with the previous layout.

Could we get this fixed asap?

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