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Kings Dominion 2021 - Possible B&M Wing Coaster

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You may remember back at the start of the years, Kings Dominion made the tough decision to remove Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Ever since it was fully demolished, speculation has risen over what might replace it. Well today, plans have been leaked showing what could be a potential B&M Wing Coaster as the parks next big coaster:



Will see if this turns out to be true, but it certainly would be a solid addition to the parks lineup.


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This park could definitely benefit from another solid looping coaster. Looking forward to see if this pans out.
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Wing coasters are probably my least favorite coaster type from B&M, and possibly in general. Their wide trains make them prone to really bad vibrations, Gatekeeper is a skip for me these days due to it being like riding a slowly rotating jackhammer. It's really sad given how otherwise graceful these coasters are.

KD isn't a flagship park, but the smallest Wing Coaster in the US which is an existing design (Hot Go) with elements removed is just trash. Let's hope something different comes to fruition.

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