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Larson Loop Gets Intense!

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Post September 23rd, 2016, 3:22 am

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What an "ideal" infinity loop! Take a look at the shape! :D

Skyline Attractions Teases Skywarp Attraction Concept

Skywarp, a new ride concept from Skyline Attractions, takes the circular “Larson Loop” flat ride to another level — and doubles it.


According to the ride animation below, Skywarp would feature two separate “trains” that traverse the pretzel-loop style track layout. The two trains would intersect where the track crosses.

Riders would sit back-to-back, allowing all to experience the ride forward and backward — and see the other train as they cross one another.


Like the Larson “Fireball” rides, it appears that Skywarp is not a roller coaster, as it would not be powered by gravity. Rather, the trains would be affixed to a powered moving track. But nonetheless, it would make for a striking addition to any park skyline (and it would certainly be fun to watch).

It’s something you have to see to fully understand, so watch an animation of the Skywarp concept below:

Skyline Attractions hasn’t formally announced the attraction nor has it released any ride stats, but they have been teasing the concept on social media: ... 60/photo/1

Skyline Attractions, founded in 2014, designs innovative rides and ride-able midway-style games. For more information, visit the company’s website.

Can't wait for more details! :)

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