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Reversing the direction of an element's vertices?

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Question: is there a way to add an element in NL2 and reverse the direction of the vertices?

What I'm going for here is a reversing roller coaster; forward to start, then it hits a transfer table to change the direction, then it's backwards until the final brakes, finally another transfer table to get it forward again before the station. I'm using FVD++ to create the entire track, currently in one continuous direction with a constant radius turn in between straight sections to simulate the transfer table. This means the speed is accurate and the forces are easy to control, but it's in the wrong direction. So the 'backward' section needs to be reversed (first node becomes last node, last node becomes first.) Is this even possible? In either NL2 or in FVD++ when designing or exporting?
I'm pretty comfortable with block scripting, so this is a minor hold up for a fairly complicated project.

Solutions I've come up with that I don't like:
-manually rework second half-
Add the entire ride as one element
Begin at the start of the reversed section with a new vertex
Copy the values of the old nodes into new nodes for every node
Go back and do the same for the roll nodes
~tedious and will take a power session of some hours, maybe a couple of days, but most accurate

-build it backwards in FVD++-
Start from the final brake run
Follow the 'forward' design I've laid out, being very careful about the coaster's velocity
~would be quicker, but not as accurate

-hand build it-
Self explanatory
~probably the worst option given what I need to do with the trackwork


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Would switching between a dual station (one for backwards riders, one for forwards riders) make things easier?
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No, I've got the switch mid ride, sort of like the script park woodie that comes with NL2. Plus, I've already got dual loading stations, both leaving forward, with a TT and a switch to split the main track between the two. I can post some spoilers when I get home to get a clearer picture of the ride when I get home.

I ended up going with the rebuild it vertex by vertex method, which worked, but if I do it again it'd be nice to have an easier method.

Here's an editor shot of the station set up and the reversing transfer table at the other end, if it helps clear up what I'm doing here.

Currently working on getting the transfer table (top window) to alternate between the left and right stations between trains.. I'll pop that question over to the proper forum if I need to though. Maybe I'll get it figured out.

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